Saturday, July 7, 2012

Black Metallic Mini Sparkle Sequin Dress

 Sleeveless Short Mini Dress with Sparkled Silver Zigzag Pattern+Double Sides Zipper that runs from top to bottom.CLICK HERE TO BID NOW! BID's START AT .99 cents.

Here is my listing for this dress I am selling in one of my listings. Its so cute! I got it a while back at a store that had a variety of high and low priced boutique style items. I didn't see more than one of these displayed at the time.


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Gray sleeveless dress with zipper and silver sparkle zigzag pattern. This is a hot item and great purchase for night out, or you can make it casual by throwing appear black leggings underneath. 

Brand: The name printed on the tag on the inseam is , "Mulata," size s/ch (small). If you have not heard of this brand,  It is probably because this piece was purchased from a retailer that only releases a certain number of pieces by the designer or multiple designers of their choosing. 

Value: This dress retails at a price of no more than $100.00 but if you factor in the understanding of a possible limited quantity of this item or availability of the dress in the retail value would be higher than $100.

Style: This dress is short or a, "mini," style dress. It cuts off a little above the knee that balances on the backside so it is cohesive.  This dress is a size small.

Warning: If you have a smaller frame but a chest size of a DD distress may be too short for you.  Frankly, if you are planning to wear this dress out at night with your friends, with the date, are going to dinner with your friends or boyfriend or husband.  The link is more than appropriate.  But for those of you who feel any linked shorter than just above the kneecap is unacceptable and you have a small doors or waste with the bra size over double the you might want to consider wearing a pair of black leggings underneath. 

Condition:This item is brand-new and has never been worn.  Both zipper's are fully functional brand-new, and the sparkled sequin's are all intact.  Each sequin is sewn perfectly into the dress material individually piece by piece.

The Listing Images Show The Exact Dress You Will Be Receiving.

Featured: Please note that in the pictures referenced the lighter quality color images were taken in the CEDAR storage closet where my apparel items are stored for preservation and quality.  The location contrast between inside a Cedar closet, and photographs taken appropriate photographing light resulted in the different contrasts shown.

Bonus: The material showcasing the zigzag sparkle pattern is executed in a way that moves with you.  When you walk.  Let us say that is night out the sparkles do not just pulling a twist diagonally and that is how others would see it.  So instead of just being the girl wearing all those sparkles, you kind of Glistan diagonally from far away, which is a overlooked bonus when it comes to incorporating any type of Bling/sparkle materials with apparel.

Base of Fabric. The material in between the zigzag sparkle pattern is of high quality and does not allow any like to come between where the sparkles meet the cloth.

Style: This dress is unique and pull's off embodying a sexy yet high quality dress that looks and feels like a nice piece and classy-with a double zipper!

Way's you can wear this dress: If you really love the pattern but aren't sure about wearing it as just a dress you can wear it with some black leggings underneath, with some heels, or dress it even further down by using the ability to zip both sides all the way down by using your imagination.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Collection of Amazing DISCONTINUED products.



John Frieda Sheer Blonde FULL BLOWN BLONDE ROOT LIFTING SPRAY.FULL SIZE 6.7 ounces.This item is rare and seems to be discontinued.BRAND NEW NEVER USED PRODUCT.The product featured in the images will be the exact product you receive.

Blonde Hair=Bleach=More Maintenance=More Product Options=Discontinued? John Frieda has really expanded there customer base with blondes over the years.  Well, John Frieda offers customization hairstyling products based on hair color : and extends each year, line with individual products based on need attach to your specific hair color .  Currently, John Frieda only offers a handful or so products for blondes excluding shampoo and conditioner options.
Online Treasure Hunt: John Frieda has a limited amount of products available to blondes on their website in drugstores.  However online there seems to be a frenzy surrounded in the search for some sheer blonde discontinued products .  So much in fact that items which usually retail for about four to $11 are going for as much as $60 before shipping, and that is just for one single product . 
John Frieda Discontinued a lot of products for blondes: There is a secret treasure trove of products discontinued by John Frieda that support the needs of blondes.  These products vary from conditioning treatments, to lightning options that do not involve hair color.  For example, if you are aware of John Frieda's go blonder spray, there seems to be a lot of alternatives to that in different substances.   There are versions of the idea supported by go blonder in conditioning agents, spray’s, and even texturizing types of color balms that appear to be one of the many higher-priced items online. Last week while researching the John Frieda line and other hair products for my online store I stumbled upon an item for sale  The price was about three times what I am offering on my listing for the John Frieda sheer blonde full-blown root lifting spray-that I happen to have a full extra bottle of. The GOLDEN TICKET IN MY BATHROOM. Not too long ago I was a blonde and picked up a few bottles of the sheer blonde full-blown root lifting spray on a hunch at a local drugstore.  I ended up falling in love with stuff.  Personally, I use my oxen for shampoo and conditioner religiously and then incorporate other styling products based on a quotation mark what works" basis.  
Not Your Typical Root Booster: A lot of root lifting in stimulating agents in the hair product industry are substantial.  They usually fall into the categories of too expensive, taking a long time to see result, too sticky and hard, do nothing, or just add volume momentarily which makes the hair look black and greasy or tired. 
Blonde Color Enhancing Effect: This product instantly gives you a list while lightning your hair in the same way a color extend treatment would give your existing color a good sheen.  Also, you can use as much as you want without worrying that your hair will be ruined if touched.  You do not have to blow dry or applied heat to get the results which shows the chemical agents are strong enough to support the hair on its own without the need for heat.  The smell of the spray is an pungent or noticeable in terms of distinction.  The product lasts for hours and leisure hair tangle free.  The next morning your hair does not look like it went through boot camp.  It looks healthy, shiny, and ready for more use.  Needless to say, I finished the two first bottles I purchased.  Then out of nowhere I suddenly had to die my hair brown (not by choice-not going to disclose the whole story here I will give you a hint: hot tub+ bleach) and so the quarter of amount left in the second bottle and a full bottle are stored neatly in my vanity cabinet. 
BUY THIS ITEM FROM ME OR JUST CHECK OUT MY LISTING AND COMPARE MY PRICE TO OTHERS. I am selling the third bottle on eBay and while I paid a lot less for the item then it is listed, I need to take into consideration the limited quantity of these around which increases its value.  I know this is not a original spoon from the Titanic ship or some other crazy antique or collectors item.  But seriously, how many times do you find an amazing hair product that you use constantly?  Besides the gift of Nioxin which does not really count as a hairstyle product because it is a air lifestyle-it is rare that you find a product that does not smell, is not stickier tough, increases the blonde color and shine of your hair, and thickens and lifts your roots.  I have not tried too many of the other discontinued, John Frieda sheer blonde collection items that are now popular in web searches, but if there anything impaired to the quality of this product then I have to wonder why they are always discontinued.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Christian Audigier Purple Long Sleeved Graphic Top.

$15.99 Buy It Now Price.
Starting Bid Price: $6.99

Even if you do not like the Christian Audigier brand or line of women's graphic apparel you simply can't deny his artistic talent. What is really interesting about these graphic tees and the design structure is that while a rose image in tattoo like style appearance or the use of skull bones could easily be interpreted as sick of this, or been there done that, and even a feeling of blase just at the mere recognized notion that this design is the best version or the rose or skull. 

Magic Trend-Re Charger.
Christian Audigier makes the latest trends, even the ones people are tired of seeing into a re-release with each shirt. Talent is the creative ability to produce an outcome without being able to clearly define the crevice of its origin. These shirts fit the bill. 

The designer's customized way of making the women's apparel Gothic with more burlesque pertaining to fit gives these line of shirts an edge way above the rest in terms of beautiful customized graphic tees with a female flattering fit. 



This Long Sleeved Purple Shirt Is New Without Tags. The plastic part that holds on the tag is still in place. As you can see in the pictures, the shirt is wrinkled due to folding for storage. The purple color is also a little more faded than in the picture. The graphics are beautiful and have not faded one bit. The red roses, skull and classic style of Christian Audigier pours out in this artistic shirt.

More Detail:
This long sleeved shirt is sized as a small. The way this shirt is designed and built for women integrates a sexiness which is a bonus with a t-shirt. There are no stains, breaks in the graphic structure, tears, marks or anything that has shown wear and tear. The only part of this shirt in need of some care is the wrinkles which I didn't get out myself to maintain it's preservation as a new item.This item features and all over graphic pattern including the sleeves.

Specifications: RETAIL VALUE: $155.00
Brand: Christian Audigier
Size: Small.
Material: 100% Cotton.
Color: Purple with red, light purple, gold and red graphics.

Bring It Home Beauty: At Home Hair Care Must Have!

WARNING: This is your only shot.
 Before you pick up that box or brand of color and start to read  PLEASE save yourself the impending DOOM which will be your head.
This is the parachute jumping out of the, "thinking I can do my hair without a salon professional." 
This item is available by clicking on one of the links above or going to my listing page here: 

In a nutshell: If you are going to attempt to cut or color your hair at home without an hour of cosmetology school under your belt you're going to be crying soon. Before you screw up your hair, you have the one shot to avoid looking like a drunk, orange, sad chia pet from planet, "WTF is wrong with her hair." 

Without This DVD...Your Screwed.
If you are going to make the mistake of thinking that you can cut down costs by ditching the salon and doing your hair at home then this DVD is you're only shot at a positive or acceptable outcome. Without this DVD, studying, or referencing more than the thesaurus gallery of words on a box of color-you might as well just shave your head or dye it orange on purpose. 

Finding Good Instructional Guides for non-hair professionals.
There are many ways to find educational sources to teach the basics or cutting, coloring and styling your hair. The problem with these references is that they are expensive, not what you expected, or to confusing for your experience level (none!). They also can be taught by a specific brand enabled salon style of cutting or coloring and perfecting a customized style of coloring and cutting is not in your foreseeable future. 

Talent Not Included?
People also forget that executing steps with precision is great but your hair when done at a salon is created with talent! Most instructional videos available are promoted by big salon hair care household names. These videos are often showcasing instruction by talented stylists. These videos are not going to feature a generic cookie cutter editions like a cookie recipe. What you need is the basics, by professional stylists who are going to hold your hand through this without making you feel like the unprofessional moron. They also give many tips to avoid mistakes and what signs to look out for when you should make an emergency concoction, pray and fix your hair before disaster hits. 

Paying It Forward.
I am selling this DVD by Bring It On Beauty in hopes of not only making a sale but paying it forward for someone out there whom without this DVD would be orange and fried (and I do not mean a great tanning session). 

This DVD is broken up into sections and does not just show you how to use a ball and cap either! This video shows you how to foil your hair. Will this make you a pro after you watch this a couple of times? No, but nothing can do that. Will this DVD be the best choice you could make and the only good choice for at home hair coloring ? YES. These DVDs do not show up much for sale. I would get this now. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

BEBE: A Brand Logo can make you cool?



Before I Could Drive To The Mall....
The mall had a lot of interesting choices for the 13 to 15-year-old in my case: A group of five wanna be Cher Horwitz girls who took wardrobe hints from Jenny Mcarthy on, MTV's show Singled Out. Lucky for our parents my friends and I were just busted enough at the time to be in the safe area when it came to public perception. 

Anyway, shopping was of course the center of these mall trips (or were supposed to be) so we usually narrowed our seven favorite stores down to a science and only went to those stores. 
BEBE was one of the seven stores we went to during our social mall trips. We also went back about an average of 3 1/2 times before finally accepting that we could not buy what we wanted. 

Back then, our parents (even the loaded ones) couldn't understand paying $44 for a T-shirt with four letters on it. It took some convincing back in the day to get a BEBE shirt. It made more sense to get a $70 white shirt from Banana Republic than a tight hot pink tee that says, BEBE on the chest.  After a while all of my five mall shopping counterparts owned about the same amount (a couple) of BEBE logo t-shirts. 
How BEBE keeps us addicted.
BEBE isn't just the brand for the chick who can spend more money, or for the chick that can't afford Prada. Wearing BEBE also contains some social acceptance button that starts you off as a, "acceptable," before foregoing usual public judgement. 

BEBE also makes very precise decisions and product placement, and number of items to release and resurface into some art form nobody else feels is possible to copy.